A Modern Hero

I think that someone that volunteers to protect people are modern heroes such as firefighters, police officers, and ambulance drivers.  For example, firefighters give there lives to protect people.  If there is a fire and someone is trapped in the burning building then they will go inside and help get you out safely.  This shows courage.  Police officers have to arrest people who threaten the safety of others.  This shows justice because they have to decide if someone is doing some thing bad and arrest them.  Ambulance drivers have to get to where people have gotten hurt and take them to the hospital.  They have honor because they have to get the people that are hurt to the hospital safely and quickly;this could be a life or death situation.  That is who I think is a modern hero.

Fire fighters and fire truck putting out fire [1775057]
This is a picture of a fire truck putting out a fire. It is heroic because they are risking their lives to help people.

One thought on “A Modern Hero

  1. Yeah I agree. I had toan experience with the firefighters that i will never forget. One day I was at my grandparent house playing. I decided to climb the big Magnolia tree in their neighbor’s yard. It wasa about 30 feet tall. Well the first time I tried I didn’t get very far. The second time I got to the top and got stuck. Now imagine a 5 year old girl in a 30 feet tall Magnolia tree. I was scared to death. My grandparents called 911. The fire fighters and the paremdics came. It took them a few hours to get me down, but once I was down they rushed to the paremedics to check me out. They told my mom I was fine. But I wasn’t. Later that night night I got the worst spankin ever, plus I got grounded for it. Anyways that is my experience with the fore fighters.

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